Are you living with loneliness? Sadness? Anxiety? Are you stressed about school, work or difficult relationships? Are you struggling with addictions, violence, or losses in your life?


We are here for you.

 We are here to listen and help you through your next steps. 

The Open Space offers a safe, nonjudgemental, place to talk about what you are going through and remain anonymous. 100% free of charge and confidential. Sessions can be scheduled for up to 45 minutes and take place over the phone or Zoom, audio only.

Regular sessions are welcome and encouraged!

Select an available time to schedule a session with one of our trained Counselors. We are trained in active listening, empathy, and compassion and will provide support and resource referrals to help you through during this difficult time. Our active listeners will not question, criticize, interrupt nor judge as you tell us about your situation. We are here and we will get you through it.

Any questions about The Open Space, please email our administration at

What is The Open Space?