We all have skills that contribute to Believe New York's helpful and efficient service for all New Yorkers!


To be a Believer you must share the mission and passion of making NYC a better and more just city for all. Since we are just starting out, we are open to including anyone in the Believe New York family! If you'd like to volunteer with us, and help improve the lives of New Yorkers, we’d love to hear from you. Below is a list of volunteer positions we always need filled. If you are have another skill set you'd like to use, we are open to any expertise! (Community service and research credit hours available!). We are also hiring for PT paid fundraising positions so please reach out if you'd like to get involved and help us fund our services and expand! All welcome!

To apply for an Advocate or Counselor position, please email believenewyork@gmail.com, first name and Volunteer in the subject line for quicker responses! 

New Counselor and Advocate Trainings Soon!

Open Volunteer Positions


  • First line of communication with client on Get Help e-mail, Support Line and/or chat. 

  • Take Open Space Sessions with clients and provide active listening and a compassionate ear.

  • Listen, empathize and familiarize yourself with their unique situation.

  • Research and discover what resource(s) will best help the client to move forward.

  • Guide and connect individuals and families to the resource(s) they need. 

  • Follow up with the client regularly to ensure success. 


  • Approach and promote our services to people who may need help.

  • Encourage our services to individuals and families who may need help. 

  • Advocate for their future, their well being and their success.

  • Connect them to our Get Help email, Open Space and/or Support Line so they can take the next step in moving their life forward.

  • Follow up if they have not reached out for support to our Get Help e-mail, Open Space and/or Support Line


  • Fundraise on behalf of Believe NY so we can expand.

  • Includes anything from phone banking to street canvassing to door to door.

  • Open to any type of fundraising strategies. 


  • Organize and maintain Believe NY's budget along side Executive Director and Finance Director

  • Prepare and revise Believe NY's tax information for the 501c3 application.

  • Evaluate and revise revenue and fundraising efforts alongside Board of Directors.


  • Advertise and market Believe NY's Get Help e-mail, Support Line and chat, in person and on our social media platforms.

  • Work directly with Development and Marketing Director to promote Believe NY.

  • Open to any type of advertising and marketing strategies. 


  • Recruit volunteers for our services!

  • Direct individuals to volunteer positions that fit their interests and passions.

  • Open to any type of recruitment strategies.