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Our volunteers work to find temporary and long-term housing for individuals and families who are facing housing insecurities.


Believe New York Philanthropies is one of the few organizations specializing in helping those at risk for extreme poverty and loss of resources.


No one should feel unsafe in their own home. We are dedicated to discreetly helping anyone in need of long-term or temporary relocation due to any form of violence or harassment. 

Domestic and Sexual Violence
Relocation & Recovery

Housing Insecurity

At-Risk Assistance


Climate Change effects us all, and we at Believe New York are working on innovative ways at improving our environment through community-focused interventions and strategies.

Access to Food and Essentials

(Food First)

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Countless New Yorkers go to bed hungry and are without basic items such as food, toiletries and clean clothing; we do what we can to ensure that donating and receiving food and essential items is as easy as possible.


Are you feeling sad? Unmotivated? Stressed? We are available to listen and help you through your mental health concerns. 100% free and confidential. Regular sessions available! 

Follow us on Instagram (@OpenSpaceTalk) for tips on self-care and mental health!

Environmental Impact Projects 

Believe New York is on a mission, to improve the lives of all individuals and families in New York City. Domestic violence, homelessness, drug abuse, lack of physical and mental wellness, and malnutrition have been at devastatingly high rates in our city for far too long. It's heartbreaking, we all deserve better. 

Now is the time to advance our city, and the lives of New Yorkers. Believe New York was founded by a native New Yorker who has seen hardship, struggle and loss around every corner of the five boroughs.

We started with the goal to make New York City a home where we all can be safe, thrive, and live with our family in peace, prosperity and justice. Together, we will fulfill that goal, and make our city the safest and happiest place in the world for all to live, achieve and grow. 

Join our movement, because we believe in all of us.

Believe New York relies on individuals just like you to make a difference.

We've been able to keep running through the sacrifice of our leadership and our volunteers. We have been able to do so much with few resources. Help us accomplish so much more! Donate today and know that you're making a direct positive influence in your community. 

Believe New York Philanthropies, Inc. is a new 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization in New York, New York. Our mission is to provide all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, sex, or gender, with the resources they need to survive and move forward. We help all people, no matter how hard their situation may be. Our goal is to create and maintain a systematic change in combating poverty, promote environmental sustainability, and improve mental health access and care. We aim to improve the world for everyone and ensure all people can live a happy and healthy life, full of dignity and security. 
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